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Palliative Care

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Palliative Care is highly specialized and personalized care for individuals living with advance chronic disease or life-threatening terminal illness. Palliative care provided by Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association could include one or all of the following; registered nurses, rehabilitation therapy, social work services, home health aides, and counseling designed to meet your specific needs. Our professional staff will care for you, guide you, and help you to live your life fully.

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Palliative Care can be provided by skilled nurses, therapists, social workers, and home health aides in all settings including wherever the patient calls home.

The overall goals of the program are to lessen a patient's pain, control their symptoms,
reduce hospitalizations and ease their mind.


Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association's services are so amazing and very helpful. I am 80 years old and my husband is 85. He has throat cancer and he suffers from Alzheimer's too. All the help and information from you is a God-send for both of us.


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Candidates for palliative care experience one or more of the following health issues:

  • Advanced, chronic disease
  • Uncontrolled symptoms
  • Unacceptable levels of pain
  • Decline in functioning
  • Sudden or progressive weight loss
  • Unresolved psychosocial or spiritual issues
  • Frequent same-diagnosis visits to the ER
  • Multiple same-diagnosis hospital admissions
  • Prolonged same-diagnosis inpatient stays
  • Need for help with complex decision making
  • Need for help with determining advanced care goals

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